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Formed in 2009 Club Rallysport West comprises of individuals with many years of motor sport experience behind them to relative newcomers all striving to support the clubman competitor and clubman motor sport, but also extending to event organisation.

Being a MSA Recognised Club, our aim is to nurture the principles of the MSA's 'GoMotorsport' initiative, with a particular passion to help young talent achieve the recognition they deserve, and to be able to proved them with assistance in their quest for future success.

Although relatively new, we're thrilled to be supported by the landowner and management of the Brean Leisure Park who permit us to organise & promote stage rallying at their venue

If after browsing this website you would like to join us, great; if not, but you have questions or concerns, please contact us - we can assure you that we are open to comments/criticisms...especially if they are beneficial to the people who really matter to us - that being, the competitors. For further details email

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Club RallySport West Stage Rally Championship

Apologies to all members who have been contesting this years rally championships and have not had updates through the year. Reasons have been numerous, the main one is that my Excel spreadsheets have not been working properly and eventually have had to revert to a manual system. Hopefully a full spreadsheet will be available shortly, but in the meantime here is an abridged version in PDF format below. With 3 championship contenders entered in the Challenger Stages on 18 November, this could have an effect on the top positions.

Click downloadable PDF file link below for:

2019 CRSW Stage Rally Championship Positions

These are the updated CRSW Rally Championship listings of known events as at 1 June 2019.

If you have any queries or questions please let us know by email to

Please let us know if you are entering any future events via the same email address, thank you.

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